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We are unable to gather due to #Covid19. Please enjoy our virtual crafts! Post your results to our FB page! Click the icon.

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 This month’s craft kit will be a Bubble Bracelet.  Kits can be picked up at the library; please call 574-353-7234 or 574-551-9007 to reserve yours.  Kits will be available by August 17th (colors will vary).   There will be a limited supply, so it’s on a first come, first serve basis.   This will be posted to both our website and our Facebook page, search for Bell Memorial Public Library.   If you decide to participate and create the craft project at home, please share a picture of your completed craft with us on our Facebook page.  We’d love to see what you are doing!  

Happy Crafting!

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Teen programs

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Activities will resume in September!! 

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Virtual Kids Crafts

What You’ll Need
  • 1 foot-long stick

  • 24 craft sticks

  • Paint in various colors

  • Paintbrush

  • String

  • Buttons

  • Glue

What to Do
  1. Divide craft sticks into 12 pairs, painting each pair the same color. Let dry.

  2. Find a foot-long stick. Cut 12 long pieces of string. Tie a button to one end of each string; tie the other end to the stick, about an inch apart.

  3. Lay your mobile on a table. Sandwich a string between a pair of matching craft sticks and glue the sticks together. Let dry.

  4. Cut another long length of string and tie it to both ends of the stick. Hang the mobile where it will catch a breeze.

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