Basic Computer Skills Course!

Basic Computer Skills Class!

(Please share if you know someone who might be interested!)

We are scheduling a free class for either March or April (2 evenings).

Course will include basic instruction on but not limited to:

1. What all of the keyboard keys do i.e. “Esc”, Insert, print screen, page up, page down etc.

2. What is copy/paste versus cut/paste.

3. What is move versus copy.

4. What is OneDrive versus Google Drive

5. What is Google vs. Google Chrome and which one is considered the “Internet?”

6. What is a virus and why you should care!

Call (574-893-3200) or e-mail (sboggs@bell.lib.in.us ) our Director Stephen to let him know of any interest in attending the classes. Please bring your own laptop if you have one. Otherwise we have a limited amount available

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