Additional Patron Services at the Bell Memorial Public Library!

Demand has certainly risen for Internet Hotspots and the Library has just added three new units for patron use. The units are free to use, can be reserved, circulate for one week and are only available to residents in the Bell Memorial Library’s tax district which includes the Town of Mentone and Harrison Township or to patrons who have purchased a Library card. The Hotspots use the T-Mobile/Sprint network and have exceedingly good download speeds and connectivity. Just contact the Library if you have any questions.

Another new service is the patron use VHS videotape converter to digital. Contact Stephen Boggs at 574-353-7234 or sboggs@bell.lib.in.us to setup a time to come to the Library to learn how to use the machine and begin digitizing homemade videotapes. Users will need to bring their own storage device such as a USB flash drive (4Gb minimum) or an external hard drive. Copying off-air programs is not allowed.

Plans are also being considered to add a document/photo scanner which will include a 35mm film or slide scanner, a CriCut machine for patron use as well as a 3-D printer. Just contact Mr. Boggs at the Library for more details.

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