How to Get a Library Card

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Resident Card: Bell Library serves residents and property owners in the town of Mentone and Harrison Township. 1st card is free but replacement fee for lost card is $3.00. Parent or guardian must apply library card for children under the age of 18. Child must be at least 6 years old.

Student & Homeschool Student Card: Students and homeschooled students in the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation can receive a student card. This entitles students to check out books only.

Reciprocal Card: Bell Library is reciprocal with Bourbon, Argos, Rochester, and Akron Libraries. If you have a card with any of these four libraries you can receive a card at Bell Library. (All outstanding fines at your home library must be paid before receiving a Bell Library card.)

Plac Card (good for 1 year): A Plac card entitles you to use any library in the State of Indiana. You must have a home library to purchase a Plac card. Fee for Plac cards are set by the State of Indiana and is subject to change each year.

Membership Card (non-resident good for 1 year): Those who do not live or own property in Mentone and Harrison Township may purchase a membership. Amount is set by the State of Indiana and is subject to change each year.

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