Fellow Patron Requesting Help

We have a patron with special needs who is requesting a series of book titles which we only have in paperback, they need audio books.

 The patron would love to read James Patterson’s series of, “The Women’s Murder Club.”  They would like to start with the first title of the series, but any will do.

 If you have any to donate, please bring them to the Bell Memorial Library and have the staff place them on Stephen’s desk.

 Thank You!!!


Part Time Library Clerk Position Available



We have a part-time Clerk position (25 hours or less) now available at the Bell Memorial Public Library in Mentone, In. Library Clerks do a small amount of many jobs around the Library such as answering the telephone, making photocopies, sending/receiving faxes, checking in/out Library materials, putting away and retrieving materials for Library Patrons.

Computer or Library experience is NOT required. Customer Service and Satisfaction is the Library’s main goal and that is what we train our employees to deliver.

Please contact Stephen Boggs, Library Director, at (574) 353-7234 or via e-mail


Happy Veterans Day


For all of those that have sacrificed, time, marriages, births, birthdays, anniversaries, limbs, and lives WE THANK YOU!!! WE APPRECIATE YOUR SERVICE!!! AND WE ARE PROUD TO CALL YOU OURS!!! Thank you for volunteering to serve our country to make sure we the people are free to live as we see fit. And for those that served not  voluntary, THANK YOU ALSO!  Without Veterans there would be no United States. Happy Veterans Day, please know you are loved and appreciated and respected.